Josie Gibson Talks Weight Loss Success, Food Addiction Struggles

Josie Gibson opens up about her weight loss success. The ‘Big Brother’ winner, who has lost 7 stone (98 pounds), also discusses her struggles with food addiction and reveals the impetus for her to lose the weight.

The 31-year-old British reality TV star rose to fame as the winner of Big Brother in 2010 and went on to take part in ‘Ultimate Big Brother’ later that year. In the past year she’s been drawing notice for her dramatic weight loss. In interviews she has confirmed that she’s gone from a UK dress size 20 to size 8 and that her weight went from a high of 16st 7lb (231 pounds) to a final weight of 10st 2lb (142); reportedly her height is five-foot-eleven. In 2013 she released a fitness DVD, ’30-Second Slim.’

Now years later, she’s maintained the weight loss and recently opened up about her impetus to lose weight in an interview on Good Morning Britain. As The Daily Mail reports, she said it all began when she joined Twitter. She said, “I thought I was half-about [attractive] and then I went on Twitter and it was bad as you’re constantly being put down.”

Continuing, she said, ” I joined Twitter and that was when it really hit home that I wasn’t good looking. It wasn’t just one person saying it, it was loads of people saying it.”

Rather than cry “fat shaming” and take to social media to voice complaints — as many celebrities have done — instead she took action and has lost the weight. Trolling is, after all, a reality of social media, but sometimes such negativity has more than a kernel of truth, especially if one is basking in self-delusion.

As Josie Gibson herself says, “I always wonder if I would have done something about it if I hadn’t have joined Twitter.”

Earlier this year she spoke with Closer Magazine about how she keeps her weight down. She said, “I do get ‘fat fear’ and weigh myself every morning as I;m so scared about putting the weight back on. People say it’s unhealthy but it keeps me on track.”

The magazine further reports she lost the weight by choosing lean mean, fruit, and vegetables instead of processed foods and takeaways. Admitting her struggles to avoid unhealthy foods and likening unhealthy foods to “hardcore Class-A drugs” she went on to say, “People need help and support when it comes to addictions. Education is key.”

And she’s doing much to educate the public, and with three years of continued success, she’s quite the role model. You can see Josie Gibson’s before and after weight loss photos and a recent interview below!

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